Published on 23/03/2023

Regardless of whether it is a remontant raspberry bush or not, the right time to prune them is during the month of May.

Remontant or non-remontant?

  • Depending on whether they are remontant or non-remontant, raspberry bushes will need to be pruned differently.

  • Non-remontant bushes produce a single crop in early summer.

  • Remontant bushes produce two crops, one in late summer from August to mid-October, and another in early summer the following June.

Remontant raspberry bushes

  • Prune the tips of the branches that have borne fruit in the fall in November so they can bear fruit again the following summer.

  • To obtain a single, more abundant crop, you can remove the branches at ground level. This will prevent the second fruiting in early summer, which is often less generous.

  • Ideally, plant raspberry bushes in moist, rich, well-drained soil with good sunlight exposure. They can still grow in soil that is not too heavy.

Non-remontant raspberry bushes

  • Cut the branches that have borne fruit at ground level immediately after harvesting.

  • Remove completely dried-out black branches with dry buds.

  • Keep only ten branches per meter to maximize production.